Dublin High School
Covid-19 Risk Mitigation Plan One Gym In Use
On the Court​: Team benches will be organized in a manner that will best maximize social distancing. Each athlete and coach will use the same chair for the entirety of the game. These chairs will be disinfected immediately following the contest and prior to the next game starting. Separate moveable chairs will be available for timeout usage to be disinfected at the end of each timeout. Water will be available, however players need to bring their own individual water bottle that is not to be shared with teammates. Towels may also be available on request but may not be shared.
Post Game
Once the game is over, coaches and players will head directly to the locker room without fan interaction. Only players that are riding home with their parents may leave through the front exits.
Spectators must acknowledge that they do not have any symptoms and have not been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 when they purchase their tickets. They will also be asked again upon entry and must remain isolated from all participants. All will enter through the side glass doors on either side of the school and must bring their own mask or face covering to be worn at all times inside Dublin ISD facilities. Spectators will not have access to hallways or marked sections where coaches, athletes, and officials have access.
 Last Updated: 11/11/20
Arrival​: ​Visiting teams must self screen prior to travelling to Dublin ISD. All busses will park behind the school next to the baseball field. Coaches and Players will enter through the glass doors behind the school and must have a mask on at all times upon entry and while not actively participating. Coaches and Athletes are asked to maintain separation from spectators until after their contest is finished or when they leave our facilities.
During the Contest: ​All games will be played in Gym 1. Designated areas in Sections F & G will be made available for non-participating teams/players to watch. Here seats will be available for your players to socially distance themselves and watch the other games. Athletes should be encouraged to find a ride home immediately after their game to provide for better social distancing on busses and to allow for other parents/fans to watch the following games.
Tickets will be sold online for all games. A link will be sent to the Head Coach/Athletic Director at least 3 days prior to the competition. Please share this link or direct your parents/fans to the https://www.dublinisd.us/Domain/264 webpage to purchase tickets. We have approximately 413 tickets available (total) and no more tickets will be sold at the door.
No students, teams or other personal will be allowed to wander or sit in our cafeteria. All spectators/athletes must enter the gym and watch the contest while staying separate from all spectators until after their contest. Anyone not eating in the cafeteria will be asked to sit in their purchased seat or leave the premises.
Our concessions will be open and available for spectators and athletes. We ask that you maintain 6 feet of separation from other customers and that you do not linger in the cafeteria after eating.
Officials will park behind the school, next to the baseball field, and need to be screened and temperature checked prior to entry into the building. Officials will use the coaching
offices and are to maintain separation from