Dear Parents, Students and Fans,


            This Friday, January 22, 2021 is our homecoming game night.  We have 2 JV games at 4:00 and 5:00 then 2 Varsity games to follow.  In an effort to allow maximum attendance we are adopting the following ticketing protocol:

  • We will provide separate tickets for JV games, Varsity games, and students.
  • JV tickets will allow you access at 3:30, with the gym being cleared after the second JV game.
  • Varsity tickets allow access after the gym is cleared from the JV games, so approximately 5:15. 
  • We are adding 10 minutes between the last JV and first Varsity game to allow the gym to be cleared and Varsity ticket holders to enter and get settled in their seats. Please be patient as we complete this process.
  • Athletes and students will have a section to sit in on the visitor’s side.  This includes seating for 25 athletes and then an additional 25 student tickets.  Seniors will have first priority for these tickets, then Juniors, then Sophomores and Freshman.  Student ticket holders must remain in the visitor section designated for them only.
  • Athlete parents have first priority for tickets then we will create a list for requests and fill those first come first serve until we run out of tickets.  Senior parents who have a student participating in homecoming activities will have first priority after athlete parents.  We are not likely to have extra tickets beyond that, but we will fill any requests if we do.
  • The Homecoming Court will be recognized, then the Homecoming King and Queen as well as Mr. and Ms. LHS will be crowned between the Boys and Girls Varsity games.


Please remember that by UIL rules we are only allowed 100 tickets.  We are doing all we can to accommodate as many as possible.  We know these are valued moments and want to include as many as possible.  Thank you again for your support and understanding.