July 6, 2022


Dear Lingleville Community,


As we are all concerned about the safety of our families in these unprecedented and challenging times, we would like to take a moment to provide you with information regarding staff and student safety while at Lingleville Independent School District. At Lingleville ISD, our top priority is ensuring the safety of those in our care. We want our students and employees to feel physically and psychologically safe, protected, and cared for in our school. As a school district, we promise to do everything reasonably possible to shield your children against any threat that may arise while they are in our care. I want to inform you of the things that we are doing to honor our commitment to safeguard the school, and all remain safe.

Our safety and security focus on three things: Effective planning, physical security, and coordination with local emergency responders for potential emergency situations. This includes training our staff and students and conducting drills to practice our plans and strengthen our security technology and infrastructure. These practices are conducted routinely to keep students and staff aware of what their roles and responsibilities are.

Our school system has spent considerable time and effort planning and practicing safety and security measures appropriate for dealing with major critical incidents. Our Guardian members (armed teachers) train throughout the year as a school and with law enforcement / first responders to build and maintain close relationships and strong lines of communication. These actions help Lingleville to maintain a safe and secure campus. Lingleville ISD has an Emergency Operations Plan reviewed and approved annually by the school board officials. In general, each plan involves the designation of a crisis management team; development of evacuation, shelter-in-place, and lockdown procedures; maintenance of a portable critical response kit that contains key information and supplies; designation of one or more evacuation sites; provisions for updating the plan; and resources for external assistance before, during, and after an event.

Entry into our school is restricted by using access control and screening. Parents and other visitors coming into the school must check in at the main office and submit identification for the Raptor Visitor Management System to receive temporary identification badges before proceeding. All adults who work with our students during and after school require background checks conducted annually. We utilize the Active Shooter Response (ASR) alert system for emergency communications with law enforcement. Staff members wear photo identification badges, to include the substitute teachers, for easy identification in a crisis. We have implemented the Safe and Supportive School Program as required by the state, ensuring that our students and staff feel engaged and connected. Our teachers and administrators are also trained in Youth Mental Health First Aid.

Lingleville ISD continuously strives to improve the safety and security of our school and community. Thank you for supporting our school, employees, and most importantly, the children, during these challenging times.


Walker Cole

Director of School Safety and Student Behavior


DeeCee McDougal

Superintendent Lingleville ISD