Financial Aid Resources

Every student should fill out the FAFSA (or TASFA) as early as possible during their senior year to be considered for Federal, State, and individual colleges' financial aid money. FAFSA will open on October 1, for students who will begin college in the fall of the following year.

College Board: 3 Steps to Financial Aid

FAFSA Resources

All students and at least one parent with a social security number on the tax return should get an FSA ID before filling out their FAFSA. You will use the FSA ID each year you are in college to electronically sign and submit the FAFSA.

Step 1: Click here to create your FSA ID.

Step 2: Click here to start your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

TAFSA Resources

Eligibility for Non-U.S. Citizens

A Guide to the Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA)
FAQ's about TASFA

Your Financial Aid Application - TASFA or FAFSA?

Award Letter Comparison Tool

Award Letter Comparison Tool
This Award Letter Comparison Tool helps you compare and contrast the financial aid packages from the colleges that have admitted you.

Financial Aid Information


A guide to several types of financial aid.

Paying for college is no easy task. Learn about the steps you should take and find resources that can help you along the way.

US Government Federal Student Aid

View and download resources from the office of Federal Student Aid. There are resources on preparing for college and trade school, applying for aid, consumer protection and more.