We have some exciting offers from Nextlink and Bark Jr on our website.
1 day ago, Lingleville ISD
IPR’s have been posted to the parent portal.
10 days ago, Lingleville ISD
Regional tennis online t-shirt order. The due date is May 5, 2021. https://admin.gogearonline.com/store/6718b148-80fc-4295-b052-69bab32112ba
14 days ago, Lingleville ISD
If you would like to order a regional golf shirt the link is below. This order will close Friday, April 30, 2021. admin.gogearonline.com/store/af9d720e-99de-41e0-a1fa-c9957dbca152
16 days ago, Lingleville ISD
Golf Shirt Order
The school will be conducting drills this morning and testing the alarm system. The students will practice a lockdown drill. This is just a drill and there are no issues at the school.
18 days ago, Curt Haley
Para honrar la memoria de la Sra. Flor Ortuno y permitir que el personal y los estudiantes asistan a sus servicios, LISD estará cerrado el viernes 23 de Abril. La visita está programada para el jueves en Lacy Funeral Home a partir de las 5 p.m. a las 7 p.m., y los servicios se llevarán a cabo en la Iglesia Católica de St. Mary el viernes a las 10:00 a.m. Flor ha estado en el corazón de la escuela de Lingleville durante muchos, muchos años y la extrañaremos mucho. Enviamos nuestro cariño y condolencias a su familia y amigos.
23 days ago, Lingleville ISD
In order to honor the memory of Mrs. Flor Ortuno and to allow our staff and students to attend her services, LISD will be closed on Friday, April 23rd. The visitation is set for Thursday at Lacy Funeral Home from 5 pm to 7 pm, and the funeral services will be held at St. Mary's Catholic Church on Friday at 10:00 am. Flor has been at the heart of Lingleville schools for many, many years and will be greatly missed. We send our love and condolences to her family and friends.
24 days ago, Curt Haley
The report cards are now in parent portal. PK & K will be mailed.
29 days ago, Lingleville ISD
Regional UIL Academic competition will be held Saturday, April 17th at Waxahachie High School. LISD has 18 advancing students, participating in 15 contests. We will be leaving the school promptly at 5:00 A.M., check-in is at 7:30 A.M., and our first contests will begin at 8:00 A.M. COVID protocols are still in place at Waxahachie High School and all attendees will be required to wear a mask while inside the high school building. Please contact Mrs. Wilcoxon if you have any questions.
about 1 month ago, Lingleville ISD
On Monday, April 5th at 12:05 we will have an awards ceremony for HS Academic UIL competition in the High School Gym.  We are so very proud of these students and their coaches and want to take this opportunity to recognize their accomplishments. We are inviting all parents and community members to join us in this celebration. Thank you! DeeCee McDougal
about 1 month ago, Dee Cee McDougal
We have early release Thursday, April 1, 2021 @ 1:00. No school Friday. (April 2, 2021) jueves, 1 de abril Despedida Temprano: a la 1:00. No habra clases el viernes. (2 de abril)
about 1 month ago, Lingleville ISD
I want to send out a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Lingleville HS UIL Academic teams.  They won 1st in District!!!  We also have a total of 28 moving forward to regional competition!!!  I am so very proud of all of our students who participated and their UIL coaches!  
about 2 months ago, Dee Cee McDougal
Wanted to share with everyone that the board approved a waiver for the bad weather days we used.  We will still get to enjoy our Good Friday Holiday.  The Thursday prior is still an early release day.  We hope you all enjoy the time with family and friends!!
about 2 months ago, Dee Cee McDougal
A concrete pour for the front of the new building will begin at approximately 6:00 am Wednesday March 24. There will be concrete trucks and workers moving around at the High school entrance as well as along the edge of FM 219. Please exercise all caution as you travel by and drop off your student(s).
about 2 months ago, Curt Haley
The Track meet has been cancelled for today (3-22-21).
about 2 months ago, Lingleville ISD
IPR’s have been posted to the parent portal.
about 2 months ago, Lingleville ISD
The LISD School Board unanimously voted tonight to make masks optional effective immediately.
about 2 months ago, Dee Cee McDougal
Padres de Lingleville. Agradeceríamos mucho su aportación. A continuación se muestra el enlace para una encuesta sobre las mascarillas. Por favor tome unos minutos y responda a la encuesta los mas pronto possible. https://forms.gle/uH2i2ePqr2t11Akh9
about 2 months ago, Dee Cee McDougal
Parents, only about half of the families of students in the District have answered the survey about facemasks. We would like to hear from all families of our students. This information will help our school Board make the best decision possible for the District. Thank you. Padres, solamente la mitad de las familias con estudiantes en el Districto han respondido la encuesta sobre las mascarillas. Nos gustaria saber de todas nuestras familias. Esta información ayudára a nuestra junta escolar a tomar la mejor decisión posible para el districto.
about 2 months ago, Curt Haley
We look forward to seeing our students again tomorrow. This is much better than what we endured last year. When we return tomorrow we will still be following the same protocols that have been in place all year. The school Board will meet later this week. They will consider the information that has been gathered from staff and parents along with guidance from local health authorities, our legal counsel and TEA to make the best decision possible. The health and safety of our students and staff will be our top priority.
2 months ago, Curt Haley